Our Top Three Summertime Choices!

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Summer is here! We guess that you all love to barbecue when the sun is providing us with some welcome warmth. We’re also sure there will be more than a handful who don’t mind a picnic or two. Of course, some of you may be planning the party of the century, others, a small family gathering in a gorgeous part of your world. But why settle for just packing up the hamper and digging out the factor 50?

Have a think about topping it off in style and roll out a barrel to complete the event. Well, maybe a barrel is a bit literal, so let’s get more to the point. Why not offer your guests (and yourselves) some light and energizing beer to feature on the summertime party menu. We can provide you with it all, from a 5 litre portable picnic keg through to some gentle bottles of beer. Of course, if you’re after something more, we’ve also got the full works with pump systems and beer coolers on hire.

But what’s brewing for summer? Which tipple is deemed best for those balmy summer evenings or lazy lunchtime moments? Here’s our humble pick of the fair weather beers, especially brewed with the seasons in mind:


1. Summer Ale
Featuring the delicate and lightly refreshing flavours of elderflower, all hand-picked from our Brewery’s garden, our Pèrigord Beers’ Summer Ale is light, golden and packed full of a fruity, hoppy taste. Taking into consideration it’s subtle aromas it’s a great summer evening picnic accompaniment but is also just at home on your dinner table.

Perfect pairing: Ideal with any fish or poultry dish but also an ideal pairing with light, citrus desserts.

2. Saison
With an authentic countryside taste, our Périgord Beers’ Saison is another light and refreshing choice which features a delightful blend of citrus and spice. Surprisingly fresh on the pallet this delicate beer will provide you with a fragrant change and is the perfect friend for summer picnics or lunchtime dining.

Perfect pairing : Ideal for lighter dishes, fresh oriental dishes and particularly shellfish whilst avoiding too many citrus flavours for it to fight against.

3. Festival
With a blend of malts including the renowned Maris Otter along with a series of different hop varieties Festival Ale gives you a light yet incredibly crisp flavour burst. It’s remarkably refreshing and is a great addition to any dinner menu whilst being just as comfortable as an afterwork tipple.

Perfect pairing: Great with pasta dishes along with grilled meats.

So there you have it. Our sparkling choice of three of the finest beers for the summer months. But always remember that they’ll also work just as well during the rest of the year. You don’t necessarily need a good dose of sunshine to enjoy and raise your half full glass to say cheers!

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